From Screen to Table: Using Shoppable Recipes to Accelerate Food & Beverage Sales


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Nowadays, people use the internet for all sorts of inspiration, especially when it comes to cooking.  In fact, a poll from the Daily Press reported that 97 percent of internet users have tried a recipe they found on social media

So, how can brands best make their recipes and associated products accessible to shoppers? MikMak has the answer with our recently launched Shoppable Recipes, a product enhancement that allows shoppers to add products to their cart directly from a brand’s recipe content.

Recipe content can provide consumers with the mealtime inspiration they’re looking for

Whether they’re making a family dinner, planning a cocktail party, or hosting a potluck, countless shoppers look to the internet for recipes. Research from Peapod revealed that 77 percent of people surveyed said they would rather eat a homemade meal than go out for dinner. The same research also said 51 percent of Americans said they would prepare dinner at home more often if they had new ideas. 

By creating recipe content, your brand can bridge the gap for consumers by introducing your products to them in innovative and delicious ways.

Empower shoppers to buy all products within a recipe from the retailer of their choice

In the highly competitive eCommerce space, product visibility and accessibility are paramount. MikMak’s new Shoppable Recipe capabilities are transforming how brands leverage recipe content. This feature enables consumers to easily purchase products directly from a brand’s recipe content, boosting basket value and accelerating sales. It also offers brands valuable first-party data to fine-tune future marketing initiatives and opens up new avenues for product partnership marketing.

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How does it work?

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MikMak customer Bertolli has enabled this feature, and now shoppers can add their products to their carts at their preferred retailer. Here’s what that looks like:

MM Shoppable Recipes_Walmart

Utilizing this method not only makes your products discoverable by empowering consumers to make quick purchases directly from your content, but it also strengthens your retailer relationships. By utilizing this enhancement, you can increase conversions and total basket sizes at the brand and category levels. Brands also have the opportunity with this enhancement to improve joint business planning with key retail partners by being a catalyst for the growth of the whole digital shelf.

Use MikMak Insights to cook up the most delectable Shoppable Recipe content

Beyond creating a unique commerce experience, utilizing Shoppable Recipes with MikMak also unlocks a plethora of valuable data and insights that can help your brand improve marketing effectiveness. 

For example, when a brand runs a Shoppable Recipe, they can see on the MikMak dashboard which products and meals are most popular and performing the best. Having access to data like this can help you decide where to place marketing dollars, uncover product adjacencies, create future recipes, and even inform future creative and messaging. 

To learn more about shoppable recipes, schedule a demo today.

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