MikMak Announces New Groundbreaking Platform Innovations


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This past week, MikMak was proud to announce the launch of a number of new product enhancements to be implemented into the MikMak 3.0 Platform. These new innovations include our partnership with Circana to enable the measurement digital marketing has on offline sales, Direct Add-to-Cart capabilities, and the integration of Shoppable Recipes. With these product enhancements, MikMak furthers its mission of helping the world’s leading brands grow, commerce first.


Measuring the impact of digital marketing on in-store sales: MikMak and Circana’s Digitally Influenced Offline Sales Lift Report

A significant challenge for brands today is understanding the impact of digital marketing on brick-and-mortar sales. Despite the dominance of in-store sales in total revenue, digital influence cannot be overlooked. Forrester projects U.S. digital-influenced retail sales to hit a staggering $3.8 trillion by 2027. In response, MikMak has joined forces with Circana to address this challenge head-on. Their collaborative effort has culminated in the Digitally Influenced Offline Sales Lift Report, a groundbreaking tool that provides comprehensive insights into:

  • The overall impact of digital marketing on offline sales across various channels and campaigns
  • Demographic analysis of consumers most likely to make in-store purchases post-digital interaction
  • Incremental sales data to foster stronger relationships with retail partners

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Simplify the path to purchase with Direct Add to Cart

Another critical area where MikMak is making strides is in reducing cart abandonment. A recent study indicates that 17 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned due to complex checkout processes. MikMak’s innovative Direct Add to Cart feature addresses this issue by enabling consumers to add products directly to a retailer’s cart with a single click, irrespective of the media or brand website they are on. This streamlined process not only enhances the customer experience but also significantly reduces the likelihood of cart abandonment.

Make products discoverable, directly from your content with Shoppable Recipes

In the highly competitive eCommerce space, product visibility and accessibility are paramount. MikMak’s new Shoppable Recipe capabilities are transforming how brands leverage recipe content. This feature enables consumers to easily purchase products directly from a brand’s recipe content, boosting basket value and accelerating sales. It also offers brands valuable first-party data to fine-tune future marketing initiatives and opens up new avenues for product partnership marketing.

Convert global customers, and grow with these new features from MikMak 

With the addition of these three new product features, MikMak is now able to offer more useful data, actionable insights, and convenient checkout options than ever before. “I think I make sure that we are stressing both the top and bottom of the funnel metrics equally because sometimes my objective is not just driving the sales. I want to make sure that I build that brand equity. I'm going to go after the known buyer,” Amit Sharma, Head of Digital Strategy, DTC and Media at Church and Dwight, said when speaking on the value of MikMak, “I really want to look at the Purchase Intent. From MikMak, we get a lot of that data coming to us as well, and that really helps us see, 'Hey, I made you aware, you are considering it, you read something about it, you viewed it for some time, and you intend to buy.'"

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For more information on the new updates from MikMak and how your brand can grow, commerce-first, schedule a demo today.

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