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Exclusive first-party consumer insights and multichannel analytics help brands develop and apply eCommerce strategies that work, with a complete understanding of consumers' online behavior and preferences.

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One, Easy-to-Use Global Dashboard

Understand ad spend on the channels, campaigns, creative, and audiences that actually convert. MikMak Insights provides real-time reporting on your performance from every angle, globally, in one easy-to-use dashboard that automatically enables fast decision-making across the entire organization.

MikMak Sales Insights

Strengthen Retailer Partnerships

Do you know if your media investment resulted in a purchase? If so, what was in that cart? This is where MikMak Sales Insights’ closed-loop attribution, or the ability to tie granular consumer touchpoints like platform and campaign all the way through to purchase, comes in.

Drive business impact and accelerate your eCommerce growth by gaining visibility into your consumers’ shopping journey, all the way through purchases at select retailers.

  • Leverage transactional insights from active and past marketing initiatives to understand how audiences, channels, influencers, retailers, and more convert

  • See what else is in your consumers’ shopping carts with full item-level basket data at select retailers

  • Improve retailer relationships with data showing incremental sales driven to the store by your media dollars

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Digitally Influenced Offline Sales Lift Report

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

What impact does your digital marketing have on offline, brick-and-mortar sales? MikMak has partnered with Circana for a first-of-its-kind report measuring the impact of digital marketing on offline sales.

  • Visibility into the offline sales impact directly influenced by online digital marketing

  • Demographic insights into who is most likely to make in-store purchases after interacting with your digital marketing

  • Incremental sales values to strengthen relations with retailer partners and advocate for more in-store shelf space and better positioning online


MikMak Benchmark Insights

Beat the competition

Where are your competitors investing their media dollars, and how are those investments performing? See how your brand stacks up against other brands in your category with our proprietary eCommerce data.

  • Understand your performance and media investment relative to the competition to identify new conversion opportunities

  • Compare your performance over time to quickly understand changes and progress toward your goals

  • See how you compare to your vertical with category benchmarks for metrics like Platform Purchase Intent Rate

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Custom Report Builder

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Build bespoke reports identifying the key variables driving purchase intent and sales with the desired metrics, dimensions, and filters in the MikMak Insights platform.

  • Identify the variables driving purchase intent and sales for brand products

  • Share reports internally via Permalinks to increase collaboration

  • Save time uncovering insights by building and shaping reports how you want, directly in the MikMak dashboard


MikMak API

Save time and money

MikMak Insights offers a suite of integrations catering to your entire global commerce marketing tech stack and team; no need to log into multiple places, manually aggregate data from a variety of sources, or duplicate work. The MikMak API connects and integrates with a wide array of third-party data sources and platforms for a more collaborative, holistic view of your business.

  • Increase speed to launch and maintain consistent product details via direct integrations with third-party Product Information Management (PIM) platforms

  • Quickly scale and action high-performing MikMak Audiences by exporting them into ad managers of your choosing

  • Seamlessly export MikMak Insights in your Data Lakes, Analytics Platforms, and BI Tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, etc.)

MikMak Platform Integrations

MikMak is part of the NielsenIQ Partner Network.

"MikMak provides us with Purchase Intent by brand, by retailer, and by market, and most times, this is the closest we could get to closed-loop sales attribution for our campaign. Since we can't get actual conversions at a lot of retailers due to walled gardens and legal limitations. "

- Director, Digital Conversion Marketing

"We’ve learned from MikMak’s insights that certain types of products and creative executions do a particularly good job in driving conversion at digital retail,” he said. “We take this into account when planning our campaigns, and it’s been especially useful for benchmarking and identifying where and when to make in-campaign adjustments."

- Director Digital Marketing

"Data doesn’t lie. Whether we’re doing an influencer program or advertising campaign, I want to be able to tell the whole story to our organization about what communication is working and what’s driving people to purchase."

- Associate Brand Manager

"MikMak has fundamentally changed how Sabra does marketing. We now understand full funnel marketing. We understand what channels, audiences and objectives move someone towards purchase. We understand what creative to use at top of funnel, bottom of funnel. We take those insights even outside of MikMak and are changing how we work with retailers. You've even impacted our agency partners thinking."



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