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MikMak provides eCommerce enablement and analytics software for multichannel brands to convert global customers.

Spanning more than 100+ countries and 7000+ retailers, our brand, retailer, and consumer insights will guide and impact decision-making across your entire organization to drive real business results.



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"[MikMak] empowers the consumer to make their decisions, so within many cases we work with a Walmart, Target, or Kroger, this is actually channel agnostic, it empowers the consumer to make the choice, it turns every piece of creative into something that is shoppable, whether it be on pinterest, facebook, instagram, etc. The tech affords us this amazing creative canvas and allows us to monetize and shopify every piece of creative we have."

- VP Media and Digital Engagement

"Make your media shoppable, plus receive great customer service" It's easy to use, set up experiences, ties into all our different media and offers great analytics solutions."

- Marketing Manager

"Data doesn’t lie. Whether we’re doing an influencer program or advertising campaign, I want to be able to tell the whole story to our organization about what communication is working and what’s driving people to purchase."

- Associate Brand Manager

"MikMak has fundamentally changed how Sabra does marketing. We now understand full funnel marketing. We understand what channels, audiences and objectives move someone towards purchase. We understand what creative to use at top of funnel, bottom of funnel. We take those insights even outside of MikMak and are changing how we work with retailers. You've even impacted our agency partners thinking."