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We provide eCommerce analytics and enablement software to help consumer product companies including grocery, alcohol, and CPG brands understand and perfect their consumers’ online journey, drive online sales at retailer sites, and optimize their media and marketing spend.

MikMak Insights

Understand consumers’ online behavior across platforms, retailers, and media

  • Increase purchase consideration by optimizing media to conversion
  • Reallocate spend to channels and influencers driving the highest conversions
  • Demonstrate additional value to your retail partners

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MikMak Commerce

Shorten consumers’ path to purchase from anywhere

  • Inspire purchases by making all media, influencers, and shoppable
  • eCommerce-enable all digital marketing channels, including social, programmatic, video, search, email, native content, and
  • Maintain a consistent, branded digital storefront across multiple channels and retailers

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The MikMak Platform helps brands build a strong eCommerce foundation


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Analyze consumer interactions at every touchpoint along the shopping journey, from media to purchase across every media channel and retailer.

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Capture first party data throughout the customer journey and make it easy for consumers to buy your brand anywhere.

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Continually leverage consumer data to refine your brand's eCommerce customer journeys.

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Present the right products with the right media to the right consumers at the right time.

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Together, MikMak Insights and MikMak Commerce help brands build a strong eCommerce foundation.

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Accelerate your brand’s eCommerce capabilities

Shorten the path-to-purchase from anywhere

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    Brands with MikMak

    Inspire purchase by making their media, influencers, and shoppable in a fair and equitable way.

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    Brands without MikMak

    Struggle with compliance issues with retailers and miss out on incremental revenue.

Improve marketing effectiveness

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    Brands with MikMak

    Build shopper audiences, increase purchase consideration, and reallocate spend to the best converting channels.

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    Brands without MikMak

    Have a limited view of eCommerce performance and are unable to capture first party consumer data.

Protect and gain market share

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    Brands with MikMak

    Prevent consumers from switching to competitors due to out of stock products for their brand.

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    Brands without MikMak

    Frustrate shoppers by driving them to dead end experiences, leading to brand switching.

Strengthen retail positioning

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    Brands with MikMak

    Drive additional traffic and revenue to retail partners and plan smarter retail programs.

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    Brands without MikMak

    Have narrow, disparate views of data that are not actionable to themselves or retail partners.

Got your eCommerce basics down?
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MikMak Inventory Insights

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    Prevent consumers from switching to competitors due to out of stock products for your brand

    MikMak empowers brands to offer product alternatives for sold out items, drive users to brand or collection pages, and dynamically populate retailers that have in stock product.

  • m-commerce

    Ensure competitors do not convert demand you built for your brand

    MikMak helps ensure no competitive products appear on your product landing page. Drive consumers to discover your products from where they are spending time, and direct them to their preferred retailers channels.

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MikMak Amazon Playbook

Leverage MikMak to maximize your investment in the Amazon ecosystem

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    Never lose a sale to an unauthorized, 3rd party seller

    MikMak technology ensures your first party listing is always added to cart, regardless of which seller is winning the buy box.

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    Bypass the Amazon PDP and add your product directly to cart

    Eliminate user distractions like Sponsored Product Ads and You May Also Like widgets.

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    Strengthen your Amazon positioning and kickstart the “Flywheel” effect

    MikMak technology helps kickstart the “Flywheel” effect by increasing product sales without increasing PDP views.

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MikMak Influencer Insights

Choose the right influencers and identify which ones are driving consumers down the funnel

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    Pinpoint which influencers are driving the highest purchase intent

    MikMak provides brands first party consumer data that allows them to measure the effectiveness of their influencers in driving purchase intent and sales.

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    Build long-term relationships with the best performing influencers

    Identify successful influencers who move the needle and reinvest in longer term partnerships over multiple campaigns.

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