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Retail Partners

The goal of every MikMak experience is to drive consumer transactions on retailer websites, apps, and in-store locations and we deliver this at enterprise scale.


  • The retail ecosystem gains more sales because MikMak solves fair & equitable and three-tier compliance issues for your Suppliers that makes their national media eligible for retail traffic.
  • Retailers that work directly with MikMak can deliver even greater value to both their customers and their suppliers through technology partnerships.

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Channel Partners

MikMak’s ecosystem is open to all Channel Partners that drive demand on behalf of our brand partners. 


  • Media channels benefit from MikMak because we provide measurement and eCommerce validation on top of the targeting, reach and placement they provide to advertising partners.
  • Advertisers that use MikMak have an omnichannel vantage to understand and optimize how each of their media partners contributes to their engagement, acquisition and sales goals.
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Multichannel brands rely heavily on their Agency Partners as trusted advisors for eCommerce strategy and execution.


  • MikMak empowers our customers’ Agency Partners with a suite of eCommerce tools to deliver eCommerce outcomes as well as the insights and audiences needed to constantly evolve their buying approach.
  • Our expert client success team works hand in hand with agency partners to deploy MikMak’s technology in sync with their advertising campaigns.
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Let's Become Partners

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