MikMak Q1 2024 Product Release 

MikMak Launches Latest Platform Enhancements, Including Headless Commerce API and Custom Analytics

Latest upgrades enter MikMak into the realm of IT and cement its position as the premier Commerce Intelligence Platform that converts global consumers.

MikMak Enters Into The World of ‘Headless Commerce’

The new MikMak Headless Commerce API enables brands to take full control over their customer experience by allowing them to build, design, and customize their eCommerce websites and media experiences, powered on the backend by MikMak’s best-in-class global retail network, inventory data, 3rd party data integrations, and sales attribution.
  • Increase the discoverability of brand products, and prevent consumers from reaching dead-end experiences such as ‘out-of-stock' pages.
  • Leverage MikMak’s industry-leading retail network and back-end Commerce technology in a brand’s custom Where-to-Buy (WTB) experience.
  • Can be used to support custom WTB experiences on a brand’s website and/or shoppable media.
  • Full front-end design control to the brand allowing them to better match brand guidelines and create a user-experience custom tailored for their consumers.
Q1 Product Launch 2024_API

The Data You Want, Formatted How You Want

The Custom Report Builder allows brands to build bespoke reports that identify the key variables driving purchase intent and sales with the desired metrics, dimensions, and filters in the MikMak Insights platform. These reports can be quickly and easily shared within organizations, thus improving collaboration, and saving time and money for brands.

  • Identify the variables driving purchase intent and sales for brand products. 
  • Share reports internally via Permalinks to increase collaboration.
  • Save time uncovering insights by building and shaping reports how you want, directly in the MikMak dashboard.
Q1 Product Launch 2024_Custom Report-01

NEWS: MikMak Launches Latest Platform Enhancements Including
Headless Commerce API and Custom Analytics

MikMak Commerce: Compliance Controls

Make your products more discoverable while adhering to all state and countrywide regulations. These automated solutions are easy to implement, update, and customize.

  • Tied-House Control (US, Alcohol): MikMak supports its customers with their compliance of “Tied-House” laws by ensuring 2 non-marketplace retailers are shown within MikMak 2.0 and MikMak 3.0 experience.
  • Marketplaces Control (US, Alcohol): MikMak supports its customers with their compliance of “Marketplace” laws by ensuring ONLY marketplaces are shown within MikMak 2.0 and MikMak 3.0 experiences.
  • State Retailer Control (US, Alcohol): MikMak supports its customers with their compliance of Various State Alcohol Regulations by providing a Retailer Category Allowlist by State for MikMak 3.0 experiences. With this feature and field within the MikMak 3.0 Platform brands can upload a document that outlines exactly what states can show specific retailers.
  • Age Gate Control (Global, Alcohol + Toy): MikMak supports its customers with their compliance of “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)” rule by providing an age gate option for MikMak 3.0 brand.com only experiences
Q1 Product Launch 2024_Alcohol Compliance Features_Age Gate-02

Streamlined MikMak Commerce for Brand Websites Deployment

Save time and money with a simplified, less technical, deployment method leveraging MikMak’s in-platform self-service tools.

  • Pick from our pre-built templates to easily build a where-to-buy experience for your website that fits your brand's look and feel in minutes. 
  • After building in our self-service platform deploy to your site with a few lines of copy/pasted coding.
Q1 Product Launch 2024 _Self Service-05

MikMak Platform: Single Sign-On (SSO)

To increase business efficiencies and deliver a seamless customer experience MikMak now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for the MikMak 3.0 Platform.

  • Increases productivity by reducing the time they must spend signing on and dealing with passwords.
  • Increase security by decreasing password-related hacks, keeping your brand's data safe and secure.
Q1 Product Launch 2024 _SSO-1

MikMak has been an instrumental partner throughout our digital transformation, especially across the IT, Marketing, Product, and eCommerce teams here at Mark Anthony Group. We’re an agile organization that moves fast, so one of the main reasons we chose to partner with MikMak over other providers is that they're constantly innovating, and this product release is another example of just that.

- Nuno Pedro, Global Head of the Digital Center of Excellence at Mark Anthony Group


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