MikMak Q2 2024 Product Release

MikMak Maintains Its Position as the Market Leader with Latest Enhancements and Exclusive Partnerships

New and expanded integrations with DoorDash and Google Tag Manager, as well as increased enhancements to self-service tools, continue to elevate MikMak as the premier Commerce Intelligence Platform that converts global consumers

MikMak is the first eCommerce enablement and analytics platform to integrate directly with DoorDash

MikMak launches first-of-its-kind integration for brands, enhancing shopper convenience and providing closed-loop sales attribution.


  • Activate DoorDash as a buying option in all media and brand websites, allowing convenient and agile delivery
  • Gain closed-loop DoorDash sales attribution data and shopper insights
  • Access DoorDash’s retail partner network of 1,000+ retailers with 84,000+ store locations in the United States, Canada, and Australia
Doordash - Only MM tag teal

MikMak Insights: Custom Report Builder Enhancements 

Improve marketing effectiveness by building custom reports with all of the desired metrics, dimensions, and filters you want, directly in the MikMak Insights platform.

  • Build custom reports with the desired metrics, dimensions, and filters you want directly in the MikMak Insights platform
  • [NEW] Increase collaboration by sharing reports within your organization
  • [NEW] Rearrange columns in the report via a simple drag & drop method for an enhanced user experience
Q1 Product Launch 2024_Custom Report-01

NEWS: MikMak Launches Latest Platform Enhancements Including Headless Commerce API and Custom Analytics

MikMak Commerce: Custom Retailer Allocation 

Apply percent allocations for how frequently retailers will appear in Retail Media experiences to drive higher conversion with intelligent, performance-based retailer redirection capabilities

  • Available for MikMak Commerce for Retail Media, our one-click shopping experiences
  • Strengthen retailer relationships while driving more qualified purchase intent and higher conversion rates at point of sale 
  • In the example to the right, 75% of the time, Walmart will appear as the retailer option.
    • 75% - Walmart
    • 15% - Target
    • 10% - Amazon
Custom retail Allocation MM

MikMak Commerce: Platform Self-Service Upgrades

Build and deploy MikMak Commerce for Brand Website experiences within the MikMak Platform using pre-built templates for pop-up, drawer, and in-page layouts.

  • Save time and money with a simplified deployment method leveraging MikMak’s in-platform self-service tools.
  • A user-friendly method for creating and deploying shoppable brand websites using MikMak’s in-platform self-service tools and pre-built templates
Platform Self-Service Upgrades MM

MikMak Commerce: Headless Commerce API in Self-Service 

MikMak’s Headless Commerce API is now completely configurable through our Platform’s Self-Service Tools helping you save time when deploying customized commerce experience powered on the back-end by MikMak

  • Make your products more discoverable by building, designing, and customizing your eCommerce websites and media experiences, powered on the backend by MikMak’s best-in-class global retail network, inventory data, and sales attribution.
  • Gives brands that want to create custom Where to Buy experiences access to the industry's best global retail network and confidence that their consumers won’t reach an OOS or dead-end experience.
Headless Commerce API - Only MM tag teal

MikMak Commerce: Compliance Controls Enhancements

Make your products more discoverable while adhering to Alcohol industry regulations

  • Tied House Control - Select the number of unique retailers, by state [NEW], that should be available across experiences to support compliance with Tied House Law
  • Retailer Text Display Control [NEW] - Display retailer as text instead of logo to adhere to industry regulations
  • Custom Compliance Message Control [NEW] - When experiences populate limited or minimal results based on industry regulations, brands can now customize the error message shoppers receive
Compliance Controls Enhancements MM v3

MikMak Insights: Google Tag Manager Integration

Coming Later -Tag

Track events and variables on a brand website with Google Tag Manager to unlock more granular audience data and targeting. Track events and variables within the Brand Website with Google Tag Manager

  • No callback HTML coding is required, providing an easy process that saves time
  • Leverage data for more granular audience targeting to improve marketing effectiveness
Google Tag Manager MM

MikMak has been an instrumental partner throughout our digital transformation, especially across the IT, Marketing, Product, and eCommerce teams here at Mark Anthony Group. We’re an agile organization that moves fast, so one of the main reasons we chose to partner with MikMak over other providers is that they're constantly innovating, and this product release is another example of just that.

- Nuno Pedro, Global Head of the Digital Center of Excellence at Mark Anthony Group


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