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omnichannel marketing

10 Reasons to Use a Where-to-Buy Solution on Your Brand’s Website

Most brands have a website, but many only showcase products, setting up a conversion dead-end. Additionally, a misconception exists around the idea that going Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) is the only...

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Preliminary Insights for Alcohol and Grocery Brands to Market Effectively for Super Bowl LVIII

While it may be a little early to predict what teams will be playing in Super Bowl LVIII, one thing is clear: people will undoubtedly be eating and drinking for the annual league championship of...

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home care

Home Care Insights for Brands to Accelerate eCommerce Sales

With its diverse range of popular products, including cleaning supplies, lawn care, small appliances, home electronics, and housewares, the Home Care industry is experiencing a surge. With ...

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company culture

Embracing Differences: Inside MikMak's Inclusive Work Culture

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become the cornerstone of modern workplace culture, shaping the fabric of organizational values and practices. In this dynamic landscape, MikMak sets an...

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digital eCommerce strategy

Black Friday 2023: Insights into European Shopping Behavior and Trends

Black Friday has become a global shopping phenomenon, and in European countries like France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Italy, consumers eagerly anticipate this annual shopping...

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