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Unlocking the Power of Retailer Insights in Advertising: A Paradigm Shift

At MikMak, we’re often asked to share our point of view on the impact of retailer-specific data, such as product SKU inventory, purchase intent, and basket-level sales, on advertising and marketing...

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Preparing for Prime Day 2024: Ways for eCommerce Brands to Accelerate Sales during July’s Retailer-Driven Shopping Occasions

With July right around the corner, now is the time for brands to prep for Amazon Prime Day. While the official dates have not been announced yet, it is typical for Prime Day to fall somewhere in...

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Thriving in the Era of Consumer-Centric Commerce ft. Diageo and Bazaarvoice

A study by PwC found that 73 percent of consumers prioritize their experience above all other factors when choosing where to buy. In today's dynamic marketplace, how consumers shop has undergone...

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How Consumer Electronics Brands Can Spark Sales This Father’s Day in the US and Europe

According to an analysis by Finder, Father’s Day is observed in 111 countries globally. Like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day is a major occasion for driving sales and ranks among the...

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From Screen to Table: Using Shoppable Recipes to Accelerate Food & Beverage Sales

Nowadays, people use the internet for all sorts of inspiration, especially when it comes to cooking.  In fact, a poll from the Daily Press reported that 97 percent of internet users have tried a...

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