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Dusting Off Your Marketing Strategy: How Home Care Brands Can Convert Spring Cleaning Shoppers

As the flowers bloom and the winter cobwebs clear in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time to brush up on a shining opportunity for eCommerce Home Care brands: Spring Cleaning! With 74 percent of...

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Home Care Insights for Brands to Accelerate eCommerce Sales

With its diverse range of popular products, including cleaning supplies, lawn care, small appliances, home electronics, and housewares, the Home Care industry is experiencing a surge. With ...

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Key Findings from October 2022's Retailer Deal Days

This year, Target and Amazon celebrated another set of retailer driven shopping occasions, or “Deal Days.” Target advertised their deals as “bigger than ever” during the event, which happened from...

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What Demographic Data Can Tell Brands About Reaching Home Care Product Consumers

Taking care of your home has become a higher priority for many people across the globe since the pandemic. Related to this trend, Home Care products have become an emerging category for eCommerce....

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Key Learnings from 2022’s Retailer Driven Shopping Occasions

This year was another record-breaker for retailer-driven shopping occasions. For example, Amazon announced that last week’s Prime Day event was their “biggest ever,” with more than 300 million...

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