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Social Commerce for the Omnichannel Consumer

Social commerce uses human interaction and relationships to drive product discovery, purchase consideration, and sales. In the realm of social commerce, the use of social media, influencers, and any...

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A lot of strategy and a little luck: Alcohol eCommerce best practices ft. HEINEKEN

In 2022, online alcohol sales are projected to reach $2B. With eCommerce as a top driver of alcohol sales, how can you fine-tune your brand’s strategies to best engage shoppers? Julia Nizinski,...

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Grocery eCommerce Marketing for Easter 2022

Spring has sprung. That means Easter is coming. Last year, with vaccinations just rolling out, most people spent their Easter celebrations socially distanced or indoors. The NRF estimates that 80...

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Livestream Shopping: What is it and Why it's the Future of eCommerce

You’ve been hearing about it everywhere: Livestream shopping is the next big thing in online shopping. After all, what better way for a shopper to learn about a product than to see its value in...

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Omnichannel Commerce Trends: 4A’s Decisions feat. MikMak

Omnichannel is no longer just a buzzword in eCommerce. It’s the standard. But how are some of the leading brands thinking about this in their everyday strategy?

During the 4A Decisions Webinar,...

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