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Nearly half of all toy sales in 2021 are projected to be online

eCommerce is table stakes for the toy industry. Does your brand have the building blocks to accelerate your online sales growth?


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"We saw strong growth in digital and traditional play, a rapid shift to eCommerce and the importance of having a truly global operating model."

Niels B. Christiansen
CEO of Lego

Toys eCommerce Acceleration

A leading toy brand identified the best performing channel and retailer mix for a new product line in just weeks.


The toy brand lacked first party audience data and insight into their consumers' retailer preferences, making it impossible to effectively target and optimize their media campaign.



Working with MikMak, this leading toy brand launched a multichannel marketing campaign and identified the ideal channel and retailer combinations to drive purchase intent.

Increase in purchase intent
Of purchase intent generated from YouTube
Of purchase intent took place at Walmart

The world's leading toy brands choose MikMak


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