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Cheers to Summer: Uncovering the Top Alcohol Shopping and eCommerce Trends in Europe

In Europe, the Alcohol market is thriving, including beer, wine, and spirits; segmented by packaging (glass bottles, tin, plastic bottles, etc.) and retailers. Revenue in the Alcohol Industry in...

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3 Ways First-party Audience Demographic Data Helps Improve Marketing Performance

Maximizing the value of your technology partners is more important than ever. It is a foundation of our business model here at MikMak to collaborate with, guide, support, and educate our business...

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eCommerce Insights for Brands Looking Engage DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids)

Have you ever heard the word “DINK” thrown around in conversation? This slang term is an acronym for  “Dual Income, No Kids." Couples in DINK households are typically perceived to have higher...

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US Regional eCommerce Insights to Help Brands Advance Inventory Strategy and Maximize Marketing Effectiveness

When it comes to building an effective eCommerce strategy, knowing where your consumers are is one of the most valuable insights a brand can have. Having access to geographical data for your...

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eCommerce Insights to Reach Grocery Shoppers this Easter and Passover

Easter and Passover are among the major religious celebrations in the Spring, and people all over the world are taking part. Since food plays an essential role in the tradition of these holidays,...

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