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Michael is a product marketing manager at MikMak with specialization in developing GTM strategies for product launches. Prior to MikMak, he's worked for several data and insights SaaS companies, bringing nearly a decade of experience in the field. He is a self-proclaimed mensch who loves mac and cheese.
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Apple's iOS 17 and What It Means for MikMak Brand Partners

 There’s been a lot of chatter about Apple’s privacy updates for their recently released iOS 17, mainly on how, if at all, it will impact advertisers. To help your brand prepare for this launch,...

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digital marketing

3 Ways First-party Audience Demographic Data Helps Improve Marketing Performance

Maximizing the value of your technology partners is more important than ever. It is a foundation of our business model here at MikMak to collaborate with, guide, support, and educate our business...

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consumer preference data

A "Glass Half Full" Approach to Changing Alcohol Laws and Consumer Behaviors

Keeping up with evolving consumer trends is challenging enough in normal times, many industries in recent years have seen significant shifts toward eCommerce. During my own shift to rapidly spending...

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product discovery

4 Ad Tips to Get Your Consumer Electronics Into Holiday Baskets

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up fast. This year, 60 percent of all shoppers find themselves preparing to spend as much or even more than last year for the holidays. Of all the popular...

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Using Shopper Intelligence to Understand and Convert Current and New Consumers

Shopper Intelligence helps brands gain a richer understanding of who their consumers are by tying real-time eCommerce insights to thousands of demographic and psychographic data points.

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