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Perceptions vs. Reality: Shopper Trends and Behaviors You Might Not Expect

When it comes to eCommerce, how do you shop? Do you discover products on social media? What items are must-haves for certain holidays? Do your friends and family buy the same brands as you? Of...

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Staying on Shopping Lists and in Kitchens (ft. Kraft Heinz)

All shoppers have their favorite brands, and it’s a grocery brand’s dream to become a staple in the pantry or a part of tried and true recipes in the kitchen. So with countless options at the store...

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4 Ad Tips to Get Your Consumer Electronics Into Holiday Baskets

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up fast. This year, 60 percent of all shoppers find themselves preparing to spend as much or even more than last year for the holidays. Of all the popular...

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How Your Product Details Page Can Make or Break an eCommerce Campaign

Regardless of how shoppers get to your product details page, whether or not it shows them the information they are looking for can determine if they will proceed to add to cart. Today, 81 percent of...

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The Importance of Comfort Brands During Lockdown

Despite the fact that vaccines have been released, the pandemic isn’t over. In fact, 2021 is starting with some of the highest numbers we’ve seen in the United States since the virus made landfall...

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