MikMak for Beauty

By 2025, eCommerce will account for 23% of sales in the beauty category

Consumer shopping habits for the beauty category continue to shift to digital. Has your brand embraced an eCommerce first mindset to accelerate online sales growth?


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Hero Image - 03

"We are doubling down on MikMak because we have such good benchmark performance that we want to make sure we lean into the technology. If someone gave me $100 million dollars, I’d invest in MikMak."

Kory Marchisotto
CMO of e.l.f. Cosmetics

Beauty eCommerce Acceleration

A leading beauty brand improved marketing effectiveness in paid social using MikMak in just 8 days.


The beauty brand was arbitrarily splitting their target audience and budgets across each retail partner. They were also not able to optimize to conversion, resulting in inefficient marketing spend.


Leveraging the MikMak Platform, this leading beauty brand was able to reduce cost and improve performance by optimizing their media to Add to Carts at multiple retail partners from one media campaign.  

Cheaper cost per add to cart
Increase in purchase intent rate
Decrease in bounce rate

The world's leading Beauty brands choose MikMak


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