MikMak for Beauty

Beauty eCommerce industry is heading toward a $65.3 billion valuation in 2023

Consumer shopping habits for the beauty category continue to shift to digital. Has your brand embraced an eCommerce first mindset to accelerate online sales growth?


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Hero Image - 03 2022 update
Hero Image - 03 2022 update

MikMak Sales Insights

​​See the full customer journey and drive business growth by connecting your upper funnel metrics to end sale at major eRetailers

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    Gain visibility into what drives conversions

    Understand how your marketing impacts shopper behavior and sales by audience, channel, retailer, and more.

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    Maximize marketing effectiveness and drive sales

    Leverage transactional data and insights from active and past marketing initiatives to improve your media planning.

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    Optimize targeting for your marketing initiatives

    Build more accurate personas of shoppers using full item-level basket data at select retailers.

Sales Insights - Beauty 2022 update

How MikMak Helps Beauty Brands Succeed

Clairol drove a major lift in sales at Target by leveraging MikMak Sales Insights
to inform creative, messaging, and landing page optimizations

The world's leading Beauty brands choose MikMak


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