BodyMark by BIC increases consumer engagement and sales by using MikMak Insights to identify shoppers' preferred media platform and creative

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Improve Marketing Effectiveness
BIC-mock 2022 UPDATE

Lift in Attributable Sales post-MikMak optimizations


Increase in Purchase Intent Rate post-MikMak optimizations


Higher Purchase Intent Rate on Instagram compared to category benchmark


Prior to working with MikMak, BIC had limited visibility into how its marketing initiatives drove purchase intent and sales at retail. Specifically, they wanted to learn which channels, platforms, audiences, and creative drove the best results for their brand while simultaneously delivering a frictionless digital commerce experience to their consumers.


Without insight into which factors were driving them closer to their desired eCommerce goals, BIC would not be able to optimize its media mix to drive maximum conversion. These shopper insights were especially important to the BIC team as they accelerated their eCommerce efforts for BodyMark, a growing and fun product line of temporary tattoo body markers.

"With MikMak I saw the opportunity to provide shoppers with a seamless path to purchasing our products online while gaining valuable and actionable data and insights for BIC. The results have been tremendous -we've seen huge lifts in engagement, sales, media performance, and even customer ratings and reviews."
Anna Ritchie
Global Business Director at BodyMark by BIC


Partnering with MikMak and the NFL, BodyMark by BIC launched a series of seasonal, shoppable media placements promoting packs of team-colored body markers and stencils for football fans looking to show their team spirit in a fun and creative way. Being a new product line with no historical data to leverage, BIC found MikMak's real-time performance insights critical in the success of their campaign.

BIC was able to use the first-party data collected by MikMak to identify that BodyMark consumers preferred discovering their product on Instagram, especially when ad creatives featured people using the product. With this insight, BIC doubled down on this strategy in December and is continuing to support it until Super Bowl Sunday.


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