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Aveeno Baby increased purchase intent by leveraging first-party data from MikMak Commerce to build new audience segments and optimize their media mix

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AveenoBabyHero 2022 UPDATE

Higher Purchase Intent Rate for campaigns using MikMak Audiences compared to other segments since April 2021


Of Total Purchase Intent Clicks since April 2021 came from MikMak Audience segments


Of consumers preferred to shop at Target


Aveeno Baby was leveraging MikMak’s shoppable media experiences and insights but wasn’t taking full advantage of the granularity of data captured. The MikMak managed services team and Aveeno Baby worked together to identify opportunities to use first- party shopper data to enhance audience segments used by Aveeno Baby.


Aveeno Baby was seeing good results from its digital marketing efforts but MikMak and Aveeno Baby saw room for improvement, by enhancing its audience segmentation. Accessing and using first-party data captured through MikMak for their audience building and targeting was a top priority for Aveeno Baby.

"Digital commerce is so much more than sales, it's an insights engine. Data and Insights provided by MikMak allow us to act quickly and achieve our goals."
Matt Fantazier
Director - Digital Experience, US Skin and Health at Johnson & Johnson


After Aveeno Baby had garnered enough events (Page Views and Purchase Intent Clicks) from their campaigns, they started to create audience segments using previous MikMak engagers. They incorporated this first-party data into their audience targeting strategy, running the MikMak audiences in tandem with their broader audiences to test each segment's impact on purchase intent.

They quickly saw a higher purchase intent rate for marketing campaigns using MikMak audiences and saw a significant share of purchase intent clicks come from MikMak audience segments. MikMak’s superior data reporting and hands-on managed services helped Aveeno Baby identify the shopping preferences of its consumers and optimize its digital marketing efforts.


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