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eCommerce will account for up to 29% of total category sales by 2022

Consumer shopping habits for the personal care category continue to shift to digital. Has your brand embraced an eCommerce first mindset to accelerate online sales growth?


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Hero Image - 06 2022 update
Hero Image - 06 2022 update

MikMak Sales Insights

​​See the full customer journey and drive business growth by connecting your upper funnel metrics to end sale at major eRetailers

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    Gain visibility into what drives conversions

    Understand how your marketing impacts shopper behavior and sales by audience, channel, retailer, and more.

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    Maximize marketing effectiveness and drive sales

    Leverage transactional data and insights from active and past marketing initiatives to improve your media planning.

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    Optimize targeting for your marketing initiatives

    Build more accurate personas of shoppers using full item-level basket data at select retailers.

Sales Insights - Personal Care 2022 update
"Thanks to MikMak, we've been able to get consumers to have frictionless consumer experiences within a rich media ad format that's high impact."
Josh Cierski
Digital Media Manager at Reckitt Benckiser

Personal Care eCommerce Acceleration

AveenoTM was interested in understanding the effectiveness of driving traffic directly to their product detail page vs driving to a MikMak Commerce experience, so they set up four paid search campaigns for the same product(s), to test the results out side-by-side.


Show the value in driving to MikMak Commerce over navigating shoppers directly to a brand.com PDP.



Aveeno created parallel campaigns for two separate moisturizer products through Google Search. Each campaign had the exact same ad copy and keywords and featured a 50/50 split of linking to a brand.com PDP and MikMak Commerce. Aveeno ran the campaigns for 4-weeks then analyzed the results.

At the end of the 4-weeks, Aveeno saw that campaigns driving to MikMak had a 526% greater Add to Cart Rate than those driving to the brand.com PDP. With 1 in 5 search ads resulting in shoppers clicking through to a retailer with purchase intent, the value of providing a multi-retailer omnichannel check-out option through MikMak was clear.


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Lift in Purchase Intent Rate when drivingto MikMak compared to a brand.com PDP
Higher Purchase Intent Rate than thecategory benchmark for search

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