MikMak’s Latest Platform Enhancements and Partnerships Re-Affirm Its Position as the Market Leader


Q2 2024 Product Release

We’re excited to announce a number of new and exciting enhancements to MikMak 3.0, the platform that grows brands commerce-first by enabling commerce in the places where shoppers spend time, such as brand websites, social media, search, and CTV, and measuring the omnichannel outcome of those interactions. Available this week, the latest platform innovations include a DoorDash integration, custom retailer allocation for Retail Media, additional self-service tools, and more.

Save Time with Self-Service Tools to Build and Deploy Where-to-Buy Experiences for Brand Websites

MikMak now offers self-service capabilities designed specifically to convert consumers on brand websites. Now, using pre-built templates, it is faster and easier than ever to build and deploy MikMak Commerce for Brand Websites. This follows the recent launch of our Headless Commerce API, a solution that allows brands to create custom front-end user experiences powered by MikMak.

Drive Higher Traffic and Conversion Rates at Retailers of Your Choosing: Custom Retailer Allocation 

With MikMak Commerce for Retail Media, brands can bypass the landing page and lead shoppers straight from an ad to the retailer PDP of their choosing, reducing the number of clicks a shopper makes, while still collecting all the same data and insights expected from MikMak. With this latest enhancement brands can also direct a specific percentage of clicks to go to a preferred retailer. This feature will help brands save time by building fewer experiences while strengthening retailer relationships by driving more qualified purchase intent and higher conversion rates at the point of sale.

Increase Marketing Effectiveness Faster, Across your Entire Organization: Custom Report Builder Enhancements

With the recently launched MikMak 3.0 Custom Report Builder, brands can build bespoke reports identifying the key variables driving purchase intent and sales with the desired metrics, dimensions, and filters in the MikMak Insights Platform. With today’s new Custom Report Builder enhancements, the tool now features expanded metrics and dimensions, including close to 20 UTM parameters, drag-and-drop functionality for reordering columns, and the ability to quickly and easily share reports via permalinks. 

Make Your Products More Discoverable While Adhering To Alcohol Industry Regulations: Compliance Control Enhancements

Online advertising for alcohol brands is forecasted to continue to grow, despite challenges faced by industry regulations. eMarketer forecasts a 12% increase in US alcohol e-commerce sales over the next 4 years. MikMak is the leader in providing controls that keep brands’ media compliant with regulations that can change by county, state, or country, all while providing a seamless path to purchase for their consumers. Updates to our customizable controls for Tied-House Laws, Marketplace Laws, and other regulations include:

  • Tied House Control - Select the number of unique retailers, by state [NEW], that should be available across experiences to support compliance with Tied House Law
  • Retailer Text Display Control [NEW] - Display retailer as text instead of logo to adhere to industry regulations
  • Custom Compliance Message Control [NEW] - When experiences populate limited or minimal results based on industry regulations, brands can now customize the error message shoppers receive

    Enhance Shopper Convenience and Gain Closed-Loop Sales Attribution: DoorDash Integration

    There’s no time better than now for this first-of-its-kind integration to come to market. Now available in the US, Canada, and Australia, shoppers can activate DoorDash as a buying option through the MikMak 3.0 platform in a single click across brand websites, social media, search, QR codes, CTV, programmatic advertising, and more. After the purchases are complete, brands can access key insights, including attributable sales data at the basket and product level, from right within the MikMak Platform.

    Quote image <“Today’s consumers expect shopping deliveries to be quick and flexible. They want to be able to order their dinner for tonight, buy groceries for tomorrow, all from one place,” said Rachel Tipograph, Founder and CEO of MikMak. “Our partnership with DoorDash marks a pivotal moment in enabling and measuring the omnichannel shopper experience. With this new integration, brands can activate DoorDash as a buying option in all their media and brand websites, allowing convenient and agile delivery. We are proud to create this partnership between MikMak and DoorDash that benefits an entire ecosystem of shoppers, brands, and retailers.”>

    MikMak Continues to Innovate: Your Brand Deserves the Best

    Following the recent acquisition of ChannelAdvisor’s Shoppable Media and Brand Analytics product lines from Rithum (formerly CommerceHub), our team at MikMak is doubling down on innovation. In addition to everything we announced today, we also recently launched a Headless Commerce API, a partnership with Circana to measure the impact of digital marketing on offline sales, and the integration of Shoppable Recipes.

    Looking forward, we plan to continue expanding our product portfolio into other areas of brands’ commerce marketing tech stacks, building out our retailer and data partnerships, and ramping up attribution capabilities to prepare for a ‘cookieless’ and AI-driven world.

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