Enhance Shopper Convenience and Gain Closed-Loop Sales Attribution with MikMak + DoorDash


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This week, MikMak has unveiled an exciting new integration with DoorDash. As the first eCommerce enablement and analytics platform to integrate directly with DoorDash, MikMak is set to revolutionize the shopping experience by combining advanced analytics with seamless delivery options.

Quick Commerce options are consolidating in the market; DoorDash is a leader in this space

In the rapidly evolving delivery market, DoorDash has emerged as the most popular food delivery app, currently harboring an estimated  67 percent market share, and growing every year. With more than 37 million monthly active users and operations in over 30 countries, DoorDash processed $19.24 billion in gross order value in Q1 2024

As the market consolidates, Quick Commerce options are evolving. Uber Eats has shut down Alcohol delivery service, Drizly, and Instacart has partnered with Uber Eats to provide restaurant options. Amidst these changes, DoorDash continues to expand its influence and reach.

In fact, in terms of Alcohol delivery and pickup orders on Doordash alone, the company has seen a 54 percent increase YoY.

Revolutionizing eCommerce: MikMak adds single-click DoorDash Integration

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Now available in the US, Canada, and Australia, MikMak's integration with DoorDash enhances the omnichannel shopping experience for consumers. Through a single click on the MikMak 3.0 platform, brands can activate DoorDash as a buying option across all channels, including brand websites, social media, search, QR codes, video, CTV, and programmatic advertising. This integration ensures that offers from retailers on DoorDash are accurately reflected in all MikMak Commerce for Media and Brand Website experiences, providing brands with invaluable sales attribution data and shopper insights.

“Today’s consumers expect shopping deliveries to be quick and flexible. They want to be able to order their dinner for tonight, buy groceries for tomorrow, all from one place,” said Rachel Tipograph, Founder and CEO of MikMak. “Our partnership with DoorDash marks a pivotal moment in enabling and measuring the omnichannel shopper experience. With this new integration, brands can activate DoorDash as a buying option in all their media and brand websites, allowing convenient and agile delivery. We are proud to create this partnership between MikMak and DoorDash that benefits an entire ecosystem of shoppers, brands, and retailers.”

Enhancing Shopper Experience and Marketing Effectiveness

With this integration, MikMak 3.0 users can provide consumers with a convenient and agile delivery option for their shopping needs. This unique DoorDash integration offers access to a network of over 1,000 retailers and 84,000+ store locations across the US, Canada, and Australia. It covers 5 million products across 15 categories, including Food & Bev, Alcohol, Beauty & Personal Care, Pet Care items, and more.

The major benefits of this product update include: 

  • Increased Product Discoverability: Empower consumers to shop where and how they want, now including DoorDash.
  • Seamless Shopping Experience: Consumers can enjoy product availability and delivery options from DoorDash’s retail partners.
  • Improved Marketing Effectiveness: Gain key insights, including attributable sales data, on DoorDash shoppers at the basket and product level.

To learn more about how MikMak can help your brand grow commerce-first, schedule a demo today.

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