Dusting Off Your Marketing Strategy: How Home Care Brands Can Convert Spring Cleaning Shoppers


 Spring Cleaning for eCommerce Home Care Brands Marketing Strategy

As the flowers bloom and the winter cobwebs clear in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time to brush up on a shining opportunity for eCommerce Home Care brands: Spring Cleaning! With 74 percent of people participating in Spring Cleaning every year, it's clear that this isn't just a chore, it's a yearly ritual for a vast majority.

What should your Home Care brand know to stand out to shoppers in time for Spring? MikMak took a closer look.

Home Care products are seeing higher than usual Purchase Intent Rates right now

MikMak defines Home Care as a product category that includes a wide array of products. These include cleaning supplies, lawn care, small appliances, home electronics, and housewares (such as cooking supplies and other functional household tools). 

To calculate the likelihood of conversion, we are looking at a metric called Purchase Intent Rate, or the percentage of shoppers who clicked through to at least one retailer. When looking at the last 90 days, products in the Home Care category are seeing an average Purchase Intent Rate of 7.6 percent. This is up from when we published our most recent 2023 Home Care Guide last September, and the Purchase Intent Rate was at 5.8 percent. Purchase Intent is also up from last spring season, when the rate averaged 7 percent.

Last spring, Home Care product Purchase Intent Rates peaked in mid-March 

PI RATE_2023

Taking a closer look at last year’s spring season, Purchase Intent Rates saw an increase starting on March 8th, and peaked on March 19th. Using this to inform us of trends this year, we could assume that people may be most likely to buy their spring cleaning Home Care products in March. Using first-party data like this to look at recent trends can help your brand strategize in time for this year.

Brands are investing in search; brand websites are showing the highest likelihood of converting 

Share of Purchase Intent Clicks by Channel Type for Home Care Brands

Right now, compared to other channel types, search is seeing the highest Share of Purchase Intent Clicks at 48 percent, a metric MikMak uses to measure in-market traffic, showing the number of retailer clicks from media. When comparing channel times like in the chart above, this metric shows what channels brands are currently placing their ad spend. 

Following search is social, at 39 percent. video follows at 5.4 percent, and brand websites and display ads drive 5.2 and 1.5 percent of Purchase Intent Clicks, respectively. 

PIR Channel

However, when looking at Purchase Intent Rate, or likelihood of purchase, brand websites lead the pack at 22.3 percent (2.9x the current average). Search also shows higher-than-average Purchase Intent Rates at 19.9 percent (2.6x the current average). Using this data as a guideline, brands that invest in paid search ads, and their brand website, may see more success with Home Care shoppers.

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Meta channels have the highest Purchase Intent Rates for Home Care brands, compared to other social channels


PIR Social

When looking at social channels specifically, the MikMak Shopping Index showed that Meta channel, Facebook, leads with consumers, driving Purchase Intent Rates of 15.3 percent (2x the category average). Just under the average is fellow Meta channel, Instagram, at 7.1 percent. TikTok comes in third at 2.8 percent. Pinterest, YouTube, and Snap drive 2.3, 1.1, and 0.9 percent, respectively. 

Walmart sees the most eCommerce traffic from Home Care brands right now 


Now that we know what channels Home Care brands are being discovered, what retailers are they being purchased at? The MikMak Shopping Index showed that right now, most shoppers are selecting to checkout at Walmart, driving 52.9 percent of Purchase Intent Clicks. Amazon is seeing the second most traffic at 28 percent. Specialty retailer, Home Depot, is in third, driving 7.2 percent of Purchase Intent Clicks. Rounding out the top five retailers is Target, and specialty retailer, Loewe’s, driving 6.6 and 5.3 percent, respectively.

Learn from other Home Care brands’ success stories 

As your brand prepares for the spring cleaning season, take a look at ways other Home Care brands were able to improve their marketing effectiveness.

Velcro CS

The VELCRO®  Brand wanted to increase its Purchase Intent and Sales, around the back-to-school season. By using insights from MikMak, the brand took several steps towards improving its performance including updated imagery and video in its VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Dots experience. They also updated campaign objectives to conversion from consideration. In addition, they worked with MikMak to optimize the campaign toward Add to Cart events.

This resulted in a 2.2x increase in Purchase Intent Rate compared to the previous month, and a 5.61x increase in Total Attributable Sales after launching the back-to-school campaign with an updated campaign objective.

Oxiclean Cs

Oxiclean also used MikMak to enhance its marketing. They identified a target audience during cold and flu season, utilizing MikMak on a YouTube Video for Action campaign. 

By leveraging MikMak, they were able to drive 23 percent higher Purchase Intent against the category benchmark in Purchase Intent, and lower their cost per conversion by 72 percent, compared to YouTube Select in the previous quarter. 

Will your brand be the next success story this spring cleaning season? Schedule a demo with MikMak to learn more.

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