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From Screen to Table: Using Shoppable Recipes to Accelerate Food & Beverage Sales

Nowadays, people use the internet for all sorts of inspiration, especially when it comes to cooking.  In fact, a poll from the Daily Press reported that 97 percent of internet users have tried a...

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where to buy

From Clicks to Conversions: Accelerating Sales with Where-to-Buy Solutions on Brand Websites

56 percent of shoppers visit brand websites as one of the top 5 places for pre-purchase research, gathering information about products they consider buying. However, many brands only showcase their...

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social commerce

TikTok’s Countdown: Data and Insights for eCommerce Brands to Navigate Through the U.S. TikTok Ban Legislation

As you’ve probably seen in the news by now, recent legislative developments pose significant implications for TikTok. On Wednesday, April 24th, President Joe Biden signed into law a legislative...

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consumer electronics

How to Power Up Marketing Profitability for Consumer Electronics Brands

Consumer Electronics are experiencing an eCommerce boom. According to Statista, the U.S. Consumer Electronics eCommerce market is estimated to increase by more than 20 percent in the next 5 years....

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eCommerce Marketing Insights Reveal How to Attract Walmart’s Growing Crowd of Shoppers

Walmart's online sales are hitting all-time highs. According to Statista, Walmart’s online revenue climbed from $25.1 billion in 2019 to $82.1 billion last year. Moreover, eCommerce brands could...

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