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Insights Reveal How to Use eCommerce Data to Accelerate Brand Strategy for 2023


As consumers submerge themselves in the digital world, eCommerce data is flooding into brand marketers’ offices, and first-party data is becoming more and more powerful. 

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What Black Friday and Cyber Monday Revealed about Consumer Shopping Habits


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most talked about shopping occasions. Despite concerns about inflation and higher prices, 2022 broke records with $11.3 billion in sales on Cyber Monday...

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Marketing Insights and Tips for Reaching Health-Conscious Grocery Shoppers


Healthy options are more widely available at major grocery stores than they once were. And it’s easy to see why; a Research and Markets Report estimates the global health and wellness foods market...

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From Shopping Cart to the Dinner Table: How Grocery Brands can Prepare for Thanksgiving 2022


In many households this November, families and friends will gather around the dinner table and celebrate Thanksgiving with their favorite dishes. With Thanksgiving being one of the most...

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Sharpening Your Holiday eCommerce Marketing Strategy With Key Toy and Games Insights


As the holiday season ramps up, the window to sharpen your eCommerce marketing strategy is closing quickly. Cashing in on toy and game trends over the next few months can redefine your company’s...

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