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multichannel marketing

5 Steps for Creating an Effective Omnichannel Selling Strategy

Omnichannel marketing means “all channels.” This approach is driven by the vast power of consumer choice, allowing buyers to select how they wish to browse for products, check out, and receive their...

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Holiday Count Down

Countdown to the Holidays with MikMak (ft. Mike Black with Profitero)

We’ve been hearing about potential disruptions in the supply chain and now it is reality. Inventory availability has fast become the top concern for brands and gift givers alike for Holiday 2021....

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marketing funnel

Our 5 Favorite Abandoned Cart Email Templates

Sometimes shoppers express high purchase intent but still don’t make it all the way to an executed order.

When making eCommerce purchases, consumers don’t have the same pressure to complete a...

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product discovery

4 Ad Tips to Get Your Consumer Electronics Into Holiday Baskets

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up fast. This year, 60 percent of all shoppers find themselves preparing to spend as much or even more than last year for the holidays. Of all the popular...

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Countdown to the Holidays with MikMak (ft. Dom Scarlett with Salsify)

A recent eMarketer report showed that 31 percent of US adults will start holiday shopping before the end of October. With Halloween soon behind us, these early shopping trends are taking form. For...

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