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Ricola leveraged MikMak to quickly launch shoppable influencer campaigns across Instagram and TikTok to connect consumers to their products during the key cold and flu season.

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Higher Purchase Intent Rate on TikTok compared to the Health category average


Higher Purchase Intent Rate by top performing influencer @_jkrow over the brand average


Of consumers interacting with Ricola influencers  prefer to shop at Target


In an effort to better connect with consumers, Ricola wanted to run influencer marketing campaigns across top platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Social media influencers’ recommendations are trusted by 61% of shoppers per Businesswire. 


With the key cold and flu season fastly approaching, Ricola needed a partner that could get their shoppable media experiences set up across multiple platforms and influencers quickly. They were also looking for quick insights into the campaigns' performance by influencer and platform to see which influencers and platforms were driving traffic and purchase intent. 


By leveraging MikMak’s premium eCommerce enablement solutions and best-in-class enterprise-level customer support Ricola was able to quickly launch shoppable influencer marketing campaigns across multiple influencers and platforms in time for cold and flu season. 

Analytics available through the MikMak Insights dashboard allow Ricola to view performance not only at the platform level but get granular enough to understand the performance of each individual influencer handle. Ricola can use these insights to optimize future campaigns to the platforms and influencers driving the highest purchase intent.


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