How Shoppable Media Impacts the Way Users Shop on Pinterest


 How Shoppers Discover and Shop for Products on Pinterest

Pinterest has long been a spark of inspiration for shoppers. In fact, a report from eMarketer indicates that Pinterest is on track to gain an additional 2.2 million to its existing user base of 445 million active monthly users between 2022 and 2025. 

With Statista reporting year-over-year growth of 7.5 percent, the platform's growth rate has surpassed competitors' platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. This rise in Pinterest's active users opens up a window of opportunity for eCommerce businesses to amplify their communities and enhance their brand visibility.

MikMak took a closer look at some Pinterest data to identify what makes Pinterest users unique and how your brand can boost sales with this rapidly expanding social media platform.

Walmart is the top retailer for Pinterest users


Walmart emerged as the retailer of choice for Pinterest users, claiming 42 percent of Purchase Intent Clicks (PI Clicks), a measure of users who proceed to a retailer from shoppable media. Amazon and Target follow at 26 percent and 17 percent, respectively, rounding out the top three preferred retailers on Pinterest.

Pinterest shoppers are gravitating toward Beauty products

Pinterest's visual-centric platform proves to be a perfect match for the Beauty category, which ranks as the most popular among Pinterest shoppers with an 11 percent Purchase Intent Rate (PIR). Toys follow at 8.2 percent, and Home Care ranks third at 4.7 percent.

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Digging deeper into the data, the top products attracting Pinterest shoppers predominantly belong to the Beauty category, with liquid foundation and liquid concealer leading the list. Other popular products include vodka, shredded cheese, and toy blocks.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio lead Pinterest Shoppers


Based on Geographical data from the MikMak Shopping Index, Pinterest users are spread across the U.S., but the Rust Belt region has the highest Purchase Intent Rates. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio take the top three spots, with Virginia and North Carolina rounding out the top five. The Sun Belt states, including Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Missouri, also feature prominently in the top 10.

How are top-performing brands optimizing their Pinterest creative?

High-performing brands on Pinterest focus on creating visually engaging and informative ads that align with the platform's main strengths: inspiring purchases and building shopping lists. Key strategies include using bold, eye-catching images; showcasing the value of the product quickly; and inspiring action through a clear call to action (CTA).

Want to get even more insights? 

These tips provide just a glimpse of the fuller Pinterest shopper story. Download MikMak’s Pinterest Guide to see the full picture of what’s driving Pinterest shoppers' decisions. 

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