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It’s hosted by MikMak’s Founder & CEO, Rachel Tipograph, and Profitero’s President, Sarah Hofstetter, BRAVE COMMERCE tackles what’s relevant in eCommerce for the world’s biggest brands. Each episode shares tips worth millions in sales, while interviewing the bravest Fortune 1000 executives on how to navigate eCommerce’s latest consumer and retailer dynamics.

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New episodes are released on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and every Wednesday but make sure to check out our first 4 full episodes now!

    • Kellogg's CMO Gail Horwood on the overnight acceleration of online grocery
      2020 didn’t just change how consumers shop. It also changed how marketers need to go-to-market and operate internally in order to win and maintain their market share. Listen in as Kellogg’s CMO, Gail Horwood, shares her take on how consumer demand for online grocery shopping accelerated five years overnight and what Kellogg’s is doing to keep up. Listen now. 
    • RB President Cynthia Chen on her career journey and how urgency is key for eCommerce
      In this episode, RB President of North America Health, Cynthia Chen, shares her philosophy on balancing personal life and work, how it has shaped her career and why 'urgency' and entrepreneurial spirit is important for both RB and eCommerce. She also provides insight into the surprising products that started trending six months into the pandemic. Listen now. 
    • Kraft-Heinz's Elizabeth Bennett on creating solutions for consumers rather than products
      Kraft-Heinz's VP of Global eCommerce Elizabeth Bennett shares her guiding principle for creating a strategy that works, the need for brands to go back to school to ace eCommerce and prioritization in the work from home era. Elizabeth, Rachel, and Sarah also touch on online grocery innovation and how to enhance the consumer experience with better practices around things like click and collect. Listen now.
    • Boxed CEO Chieh Huang on customer loyalty and the future of delivery
      Tune in to hear Boxed CEO Chieh Huang speak with hosts Rachel and Sarah about brand loyalty, experimenting with a media mix beyond TV and his take on the most underutilized media channel among brands. He also offers insight into the trends that will shape the future of delivery to boost efficiency. Listen here.
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