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Sabra drove higher purchase intent than competitors and improved media efficiency by leveraging MikMak Insights to make campaign optimizations

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Increase in Purchase Intent Rate after switching campaign objectives


Increase in Purchase Intent Rate after updating campaign creative


Higher Purchase Intent Rate than the Grocery vertical


Sabra wanted to better understand how their full funnel marketing strategy ultimately drove their eCommerce business. More specifically, they didn’t have a clear grasp of what channels, audiences and objectives moved potential customers towards purchase.


Without these insights, Sabra could not effectively tie digital marketing spend to company performance. This made it difficult to not only optimize their actively running campaigns but also to make decisions on how to allocate their overall media budget for maximum business impact.

MikMak has fundamentally changed how Sabra does marketing. We now understand full funnel marketing. We understand what channels, audiences and objectives move someone towards purchase. We understand what creative to use at top of funnel, bottom of funnel.
Chief Marketing Officer, Sabra


By leveraging MikMak Insights and the recommendations of their Customer Success Manager, Sabra was finally to understand their full funnel marketing efficacy. MikMak provided concrete, actionable steps to use Sabra media dollars more efficiently and increase purchase intent more than they previously had.


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