Garrison Brothers Distillery increased purchase intent by enhancing the shoppability of their ads and leveraging 1P data to optimize their media mix.

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Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Higher Purchase Intent Rate on FB/IG (most popular category platform), than the Spirits category average


Higher Purchase Intent Rate in Paid Search than on FB/IG


Higher Purchase Intent Rate in Email than on FB/IG


Garrison Brothers, a small craft distillery, was looking for a solution that would allow them to compete on a national level by ensuring every consumer touchpoint was shoppable and allowed shoppers to purchase their products how and where they want.


Prior to MikMak, Garrison Brothers was only able to drive interested shoppers to their DTC or a brick and mortar locator page, which featured multiple points of friction for shoppers such as inaccurate listings and/or no inventory awareness. The lack of checkout options, and having to commit to either online or in-store purchase options was limiting to the success of Garrison Brothers marketing.


Garrison Brothers partnered with MikMak to make their media shoppable across all channels and platforms, and to gain accurate insights into the performance of their marketing across these channels/platforms. Consumers were able to quickly find products they were looking for and had omnichannel shopping options for both online and in-store retailers.

After launching marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, Garrison Brothers was able to use the first-party data surfaced by MikMak to learn which platforms were helping them increase their purchase intent. Two platforms, in addition to FB/IG, stood out as clear winners in their new media mix - Paid Search and Email.


By launching across multiple platforms with a solution that enabled purchases online and in-store at Garrison Brothers’ retail partner sites, the craft distillery was able to compete effectively alongside much bigger brands. In addition to reducing friction for consumers along the path to purchase, they were also able to identify strong performing channels and platforms that helped improve their marketing effectiveness and increased purchase intent.


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