AriZona SunRise increased purchase intent and collected valuable first-party shopper data by making Hulu Connected TV Pause Ads shoppable with MikMak

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Higher Purchase Intent Rate from Hulu Ads compared to other Platforms in the time period


Higher Purchase Intent Rate than the Alcohol Category Benchmark


Of shoppers initiated checkout at a grocery retailer versus big box stores or delivery services


Heineken USA was preparing to release AriZona SunRise Hard Seltzer, and they planned to amplify the launch with media support across a variety of channels and platforms. While an important aspect of their launch plan was to generate awareness of the new product, they also wanted to shorten the path-to purchase for consumers to convert as much demand as possible.


One component of their media plan was Connected TV (CTV), and historically these types of ad placements did not offer a seamless path to checkout for consumers. AriZona SunRise wanted to leverage CTV ads while also ensuring they could drive consumers further down the purchase funnel and collect valuable first-party data, but they did not have a way to do so on their own.


Partnering with MikMak and leveraging Hulu’s user initiated Pause Ad experience, AriZona SunRise was able to deliver a non-intrusive CTV ad experience that drove to MikMak Commerce, where consumers could choose their desired beverage flavor and initiate checkout from their preferred retailer. By doing so, Heineken USA was
able to successfully satisfy their awareness and conversion objectives.


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