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Nuun increases purchase intent by leveraging MikMak Commerce in an SMS-based marketing campaign with Attentive.

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Higher Purchase Intent Rate than other platforms during Attentive campaign


Conversion Rate through SMS-based campaigns with Attentive


Of shoppers preferred to check out on Amazon


Nuun is always looking for creative ways to reach and interact with its customers. In addition to social and search marketing, Nuun was interested in expanding its typical channels and reaching out to shoppers via SMS text messaging. They found a partner to run SMS-based ads with but wanted to ensure the experience provided an optimal shopping experience for their consumers, and that performance data would be available to them.


Nuun was in search of a way to ensure SMS-based marketing provided a frictionless shopping experience for consumers and allowed them visibility into campaign performance.

We were interested in expanding our traditional use cases with MikMak beyond Social and Email. Partnering with Attentive, and integrating MikMak into the SMS-text campaign was seamless and resulted in a strong performance.
Megan Patten
Account Supervisor Add3 (Agency for Nuun)


Nuun made the call to action of the SMS messages direct to a MikMak Commerce experience, giving the shopper the ability to check out at their preferred retailer and Nuun the ability to better understand the performance of the campaign. By using both Attentive’s SMS text marketing platform combined with MikMak, Nuun was able to reach shoppers in a new way, offer them a familiar, frictionless shopping experience, and gain valuable insights into the performance of the campaign.


The SMS Marketing campaign outperformed all other platforms during its run and had a strong conversion rate of 8.7%.


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