How Different Zodiac Signs Will Purchase Alcohol this Summer


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You’ve seen the astrology columns, apps, and memes, positing that the time of a person’s birth plays a role in their temperament and tendencies, including shopping behavior and product inclinations. For example, many believe that the earthy Taurus enjoys luxurious purchases while Virgos may exhibit more brand loyalty and buy their tried and true products. Now, starting with Cinco de Mayo and lasting into mid-July, the Summer Season for alcohol eCommerce is here.

With a projected $2B in online alcohol sales in 2022, now is a perfect time for alcohol brands to dig deeper into what they know about their consumers, and discover how they make purchases. MikMak’s Shopping Index brings you a (fun!) look into the alcohol shopping preferences of different zodiac signs, and what this may mean for your brand in the months to come.

Does a shopper’s astrology sign really impact alcohol purchases?

Maybe…we know correlation doesn’t always mean causation, and that there’s much to learn in general about natal charts, let alone what drives purchase intent. Here at MikMak, we’re obsessed with the power of using eCommerce data to make decisions, and tying that first-party data to demographic and psychographic information (birth months included!) to better understand the high value audiences that are behind these purchases. So while you’re looking at dimensions such as household size and number of children, why not also take a look at birth month and zodiac signs? You might find something interesting.

So let’s review the basics. To gauge what campaigns are driving consumers to your product, keep an extra close eye on key eCommerce metrics like purchase intent rate (the percentage of shoppers who clicked through to at least one retailer),, eCommerce traffic, channel x retailer mix, and sales insights. You can get to know the consumer profile behind these shopping insights. Look at the demographic and psychographic data of your shopper and tailor shopping experiences to the segments of customers based on what you find out.

What we’re seeing for alcohol shoppers based on their zodiac signs

Leos and Virgos are the top alcohol shoppers this summer

Okay Leos, we see you. It makes a ton of sense to us that the life of the party will be the ones to bring the libation. After all, whether it's a cozy soiree or a rooftop party on a summer night, we can count on Leos being there, and likely as a host. Indeed, shoppers born in Leo season rank high in eCommerce traffic (third place), but also in purchase intent rate (fourth place). While individually, these rankings may not blow you away, Leos are one of two zodiac signs with high traffic and purchase intent rates. (Remember, both are important indicators!) So if you’re an alcohol brand, you’ll be seeing Leos at check out.

So who is number one in traffic (second place) and purchase intent rate (first place!)? Virgos - who are known for being a little picky about what they like, and not as enthusiastically present as Leos are at parties. What are Virgos known for? Being reliable, yes. But also finding a thing they like and never deviating from it. So if Virgos are coming to your party, you can count on them to bring the booze – and you can guarantee that they’ll be bringing the stuff they like. (In fact, if you know that your Virgo friend likes different alcohol than the rest of the party – better get someone else to bring other stuff than to put a Virgo through the torture of buying what they hate).

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When Scorpios shop for alcohol, they shop to buy

Scorpios, always finding some way to get a unique feature on any list. Here, they have their own personal spotlight with the third lowest eCommerce traffic but second highest purchase intent. What gives?

Astrology enthusiasts might attribute this to Scorpio’s bold (and a little bit intense) demeanor. They either love you, or they hate you. So, we suppose that when they go shopping for something, they mean it! The data from the MikMak Shopping Index shows that alcohol is no exception. Faced with a Scorpio shopper? Shorten that path-to-purchase fast! They already know what they want. If they can’t get what they want, when they want it, you’ll have to face their wrath – or cart abandonment – for a long time.

Capricorns and Cancers are the biggest window shoppers

The strategic and methodical Capricorn. The moody but caring Cancer. Somehow these two have found each other again, receiving the ‘Most Likely to Be In Your Shop but Least Likely to Make A Purchase’ award. Here we’re introducing another eCommerce metric: page views, or as we call it, window shopping. Capricorn comes in second overall for page views. However, they tie for the second lowest purchase intent rate. 

Who did they tie with? Cancerian shoppers, of course. Like Capricorns, Cancers also have high traffic and pageviews: number ONE in both, in fact. If you see a bunch of shoppers peering in from the outside, or wandering indecisively down the aisles only to walk out without buying anything, you’re probably looking at Cancers and Capricorns. Cancers are probably wringing their hands indecisively about which one to buy and if that will make everyone feel included. Capricorns are so practical that they pick up and put down bottles because they can’t seem to convince themselves if this will be the best purchase in the best place. Help them out of their conundrums and give them that product messaging they need to take the next step. Maybe the secret solution is a discount for the Capricorn or some truly moving creative for the Cancer. They’re in your shop all the time anyway. If you crack the targeting code, you may be opening two very lucrative doors for your brand.

So does this really mean anything?

Understanding the person behind the purchase is vital to succeeding in eCommerce today. Although astrology might not be something you typically think about when planning out your segmentation strategies and marketing campaigns, it is still an attribute you may want to consider for the future. 

However, when substituting another dimension for astrology, many of these interpretations still hold. Who are the window shoppers, and why aren’t they coming inside? Who is wandering down the aisle struggling to figure out whether to commit to your brand? Who is leaving the store empty handed? Who is leaving with full baskets – and are you in those baskets? These are the essential questions to ask yourself, whether they are rooted in astrology or not.

So as the summer alcohol eCommerce season ramps up, get your data in place and look a little closer. Learn not just the how of consumer purchases for your brand, but the who. You never know what you might find!


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