Clairol drove a major lift in sales at Target by leveraging MikMak Sales Insights to inform creative, messaging, and landing page optimizations

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Lift in Sales after testing and implementing new creative


Increase in Purchase Intent Rate after implementing creative changes


Of Purchase Intent from MikMak- powered Audiences


Clairol was planning to execute two promotional campaigns at Target: the first from March 31st to April 9th, and the second from May 16th to May 31st.

The Clairol team wanted to leverage MikMak Commerce to highlight the promotional messaging in the post-ad click experience, while also being able to measure SKU preference, conversion, and sales lift at Target.

While the promotion was Target specific, Clairol wanted to feature multiple retailer options in the MikMak Commerce experience.


Without MikMak, Clairol had no way to execute their messaging or measurement objectives. In partnership with their MikMak Customer Success Manager, they devised a testing plan to determine the best way to optimize the creative experience and drive conversion.


The two key variables were:
  • Should they use a separate promotional banner, or should the promo messaging be included in the creative itself
  • Should they allow shoppers the ability to check out at their preferred retailer, or should they only give them the option to shop at Target?


During the first campaign flight, they saw the promotional banner driving a lift in shoppers adding to cart at Target compared to the non- promotional media running at the same time. This was particularly interesting since consumers were presented with multiple retailer checkout options aside from Target.

With this insight, they decided to test moving the promo banner into the core creative and running the campaign with Target as the only retailer checkout option during the second promotional period, which resulted in significant lifts in Sales and Purchase Intent Rate at Target.


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