How Three Brands Thrived After Enabling MikMak Commerce in Their Paid Search Programs


 How Three Brands Thrived After Enabling eCommerce in Their Paid Search Programs

According to eMarketer, Paid Search spend represents 41.8 percent of all digital ad spending, and is projected to reach $110 billion in 2023. With Paid Search representing such a large portion of advertising, it is important that brands know the most effective ways to implement it into their eCommerce marketing strategy.

Whether it’s using the right keywords, or just finding the right ways to develop your target audience, effective Paid Search advertising requires skill. Here are three examples of how brands were able to use MikMak Commerce in Paid Search to drive real results.

1. Aveeno improved marketing effectiveness by driving shoppers to a MikMak Commerce Experience from Paid Search


Accessible, shoppable media is essential to any ad experience, whether on search, social, or elsewhere. MikMak customer, Aveeno, was interested in understanding the effectiveness of driving traffic directly to their product detail page compared to driving directly to a MikMak Commerce Experience, where consumers could check out directly from the displayed media on search. 

The brand saw a 526 percent lift in Purchase Intent Rate when driving to a MikMak Commerce Experience over their brand website’s PDP (Product Detail Page). This means shoppers were 526 percent more likely to purchase from the media. Compared to other Personal Care brands, they saw 2x the category benchmark for search.

2. Garrison Brothers Distillery enhanced shoppability of their ads and saw great results from Paid Search

Garrison Brothers

Craft distillery, Garrison Brothers, was looking for a solution that would allow them to compete on a national level by ensuring every consumer touchpoint was shoppable and allowed shoppers to purchase their products how and where they want.

To tackle this, the brand added more checkout options and worked with MikMak to make their product shoppable across all channels and platforms. After launching marketing campaigns, Garrison Brothers could use the first-party data surfaced by MikMak to learn which platforms were helping them increase their purchase intent. The results showed the brand that including Paid Search in their mix resulted in 2.3x higher Purchase Intent Rates than their ads running on Meta channels, Facebook, and Instagram. Paid Search also, in turn, increased the overall strength of their media plan.

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3. A leading Health & Wellness brand gained market share by recognizing their competition was not advertising on Google

Health Wellness Brand

Being aware of how your brand’s competition is advertising can help you stand out to shoppers. A leading Health & Wellness brand realized, using MikMak Benchmark Insights, that its major competitors were not utilizing Google as a platform for advertisement. 

Leveraging Google for their brand resulted in a 15.8 percent Purchase Intent Rate (3x the category average). Additionally, using Benchmark Insights to optimize their media mix resulted in a 14 percent increase in Purchase Intent Rate.

Using Paid Search in the right ways can significantly increase Purchase Intent for your products

In the omnichannel world, it is no question that shoppers are discovering and proceeding to purchase on a mix of Paid Search, Social Media, Retail Media, Display Ads, and various other platforms. Enabling all these touchpoints helps keep your products top of mind to consumers. 

Like the brands mentioned above, utilizing Paid Search could be a significant opportunity for your brand to see success. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when developing your Paid Search strategy:

1. Provide multi-retailer checkout directly from the Paid Search listing 

Allowing your shoppers to select their preferred retailer at checkout directly from your Paid Search media streamlines the consumer journey and can ultimately increase their likelihood of purchase. 

2. Customize your Metadata and subdomain 

Leveraging a software like MikMak allows you to personalize your media to ensure you reach your target audience. Having a simple subdomain related to your brand and using relevant keywords and information in your Metadata allows your brand to appear in the right places when consumers search. 

3. Perfect your marketing strategy by capturing first-party data

Knowing how your shoppers are buying allows you to best reach them. Partnering with an eCommerce enablement and analytics software provider like MikMak allows you to create ads and initiatives to reach the people who are likely to buy your products. Using relevant eCommerce data and tools like MikMak Audiences can help you identify key shoppers in your market and how they are being reached from your advertising initiatives. 

To learn more about how you brand can develop a quality Paid Search campaign, and gain market share, schedule a demo with MikMak today.

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