Sun, Sand, and Self-Care: Leveraging the Summer Season for Personal Care eCommerce in Europe


 Leveraging the Summer Season for Personal Care eCommerce in Europe-1

With the sun shining and vacation time in full swing for many, since many schools are out of session, the summer season often brings forth a plethora of outdoor activities. The increased exposure to the sun and the heat in the northern hemisphere also brings about the need for some special care of the body and skin. While we have previously explored the self-care trends during summer in the United States, it's equally intriguing to delve into the trends prevalent in Europe.

Let’s review the latest developments in summer self-care and uncover the coveted items that find their way into shopping baskets across Europe during the warmest months of the year.

European Beauty and Personal Care eCommerce Market Dynamics

Europe stands as one of the largest and most influential markets for Beauty and Personal Care products globally. In the year 2021, Europe accounted for approximately 22 percent of the worldwide cosmetic market, showcasing its significant role in shaping industry trends. 
Looking at some key European markets, French shoppers  allocate, on average, 10 percent of their consumer budget to Beauty and Personal Care products annually. 

In the United Kingdom, online sales are projected to contribute 44.2 percent of the total revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market by 2023, reflecting the growing influence of eCommerce in the industry. 

Meanwhile, in Germany, the Personal Care segment commands a substantial market share of €8.25 billion in 2023, solidifying its position as the largest segment in the European market. Additionally, Germany is set to witness a significant shift towards online sales, with an estimated 38.1 percent of total revenue expected to be generated through online channels in 2023.

Popular Personal Care Products during the summer 

When it comes to Personal Care products that find their way into shopping baskets during the summer season in Europe, the MikMak Shopping Index provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and priorities.

Analyzing five key European markets, a clear picture emerges of the essential items present in summer self-care baskets. 

Among them, anti-pigmentation creams take center stage, as some Europeans seek to combat and reduce the appearance of skin discoloration caused by sun exposure. Sunscreen, a perennial summer must-have, also holds a prominent position in these shopping bags, underscoring the importance placed on sun protection.
Repairing shampoos and nourishing hair masks make their way into carts, as individuals strive to restore and revitalize their hair after exposure to the sun, saltwater, and chlorine.
Tanning products, popular among those seeking an even, sun-kissed glow, are another common inclusion.
Additionally, anything that helps cover small imperfections of the skin, such as concealing makeup or spot treatments, garners attention.




How do Europeans shop Personal Care?

As featured in our recent report, the MikMak Shopping Index revealed that Meta continues to emerge as a frontrunner of social commerce for Personal Care products in key European markets.

Mass merchants and specialized retailers such as Amazon, Boots, Shop-Apotheke, DM, Primor, and Farmaè dominate the Personal Care shopping landscape in the region. 

Across all shoppable media and brand websites, the European Personal Care shoppers are most active from Sunday to Tuesday, but altogether, brands can easily engage with them any day of the week.

Today, Personal Care brands are recognizing the importance of influencers to promote their offerings before and during the summer season. These influencers leverage their online presence to showcase and endorse a range of Summer care products.
Leading brands in the Beauty and Personal Care sector partner with MikMak to use influencer content cleverly to redirect shoppers to easy checkout options, increasing sales at any retailers that shoppers prefer to buy from.  

Building engaging ads for Summer Personal Care shoppers

With MikMak, brands can unlock a range of strategies to maximize the performances and profitability of their marketing campaigns on any media. But what makes an engaging ad for eCommerce?
Some of our creative best practice tips here:

  • Show the product within 3 seconds - the sooner, the better!
  • Bold, clear and eye-catching creative 
  • Highlight the specific event of the ads (here, Summer Vacation)
  • Add several products instead of just on from your brand and Call out new products
  • Optimize your content with MikMak to allow consumers to find your product locally
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Try out different formats (QR codes, OTT advertising, livestream…)
  • Enable shoppable options on your brand website to promote brand awareness and offer additional checkout and fulfillment options for shoppers.
  • Use sales promotions to encourage purchase, collecting first party data.

Here’s an example from L’Oréal’s dermocosmetics brand La Roche-Posay, promoting their sunscreen on Instagram in France: 


La Roche Posay IG Exp


For a deeper look into Personal Care shopping preferences and best practices in Europe check out our recent Beauty & Personal Care Benchmarks and Insights report!


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