eCommerce Marketing Insights Pinpoint Mother's Day Shopping Trends in France


 Mothers Day France

Mother’s Day has long sparked huge sales figures in the U.S. Now, Mother’s Day shopping trends are growing rapidly globally, picking up steam in some European countries, including France.

However, not every culture falls into the same buying patterns for Mother’s Day celebrations, and some shopping habits contrast sharply from those within the U.S. 

Here are the most notable eCommerce marketing insights to pay attention to if you want to pull in more global sales from across the globe during Mother’s Day events.

Surging eCommerce marketing opportunities for Mother’s Day in France

In France, where Mother’s Day is celebrated on June 4, an estimated two out of three people say they plan on buying a gift for their mother. Here are a few tips to help you build an eCommerce marketing strategy that cashes in on this French event:

Focus on mobile and social commerce

In France, mobile purchases are high. On Mother’s Day, 76 percent of shoppers buy on mobile devices, with an average buy worth €50. To capture more mobile sales, dig into social eCommerce trends and craft an eCommerce marketing strategy targeting audiences on your shoppers' social platforms. 

Promote popular products

Not all products are selling equally in France on Mother’s Day. According to Statista, the most popular products last year were flowers, perfume, and chocolates. Those top sellers are followed by personalized gifts and books. 

Mother’s Day intended purchases for French buyers

  1. Flowers: 25 percent
  2. Perfume: 8 percent
  3. Chocolates: 6 percent
Source: Statista Research Department

Conversely, the least popular gifts on Mother’s Day in France are electronics and makeup.

Mother’s Day eCommerce Campaigns in Action

At MikMak, many of our brand partners leverage our eCommerce enablement and analytics platform to run seasonal campaigns, such as:

Givenchy Italy’s Mother’s Day campaign on Instagram: 


"With MikMak's self-service tools, creating shoppable media campaigns is fast and simple! We can activate check-out options within any post and story in a few minutes to help shoppers buy our products at their preferred retailers, and then use MikMak Insights to optimize our marketing." 

- Miguel Badillo, eRetail Manager, LVMH Fragrance Brands

Révillon Chocolatier’s campaign in France for Christmas, on Instagram:

Révillon Chocolatier FR EXP Gif (1)

How Mother’s Day in the U.S. compares to Europe 

For eCommerce brands selling in the U.S., Mother’s Day was a massive event on May 14 this year. 

Here are a few ways Mother’s Day in the U.S. stands out from other regions:

  • It’s the third-largest retail holiday in the United States
  • Personal Care and Beauty products are top sellers, making up 19 percent of all U.S. Mother’s Day gifts
  • Americans fork out for high shopping bills on Mother’s Day, with the expected average gift and celebration price tag hitting $274 this year

According to the MikMak Shopping Index, we saw the following trends and top categories during the US 2023 Mother's Day holiday:

MikMak_Top Categories_Mothers Day PIR

MikMak_TopCategories_PIC_Mothers Day

Use eCommerce shopping data to fuel your marketing strategy

To increase sales on U.S. Mother’s Day, examine data about your audience’s behaviors and use those insights to inform your omnichannel shopping experience. 

eCommerce insights can reveal the fastest path to sales growth, Whether for Mother’s Day or any other eCommerce marketing campaign. The MikMak Platform funnels consumer, retailer, and platform insights into a single source of truth, making it easy to understand shopping preferences and build a strategy that converts more consumers globally. 

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