Sipping Success: How Non-Alcoholic Beverage Brands Can Improve Marketing Effectiveness


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According to eMarketer, digital Grocery sales will account for 19 percent of all US eCommerce sales in 2026, becoming the largest eCommerce category. To dive even further, research from Statista, showed that at-home revenue in the Soft Drinks market amounts to $521.20 billion worldwide in 2024, and is expected to grow annually by 6.1 percent. 

As a specific sub-category of Grocery, Non-Alcoholic Beverages (including Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Soda, Juice, and Coffee), has a great opportunity to grow their eCommerce presence. How do consumers shop for these products? MikMak took a closer look at the trends.

Purchase Intent Rates for Non-Alcoholic Beverages skyrocket on brand websites 

To measure the likelihood of conversion, MikMak looks at a metric called Purchase Intent Rate, which measures the likelihood that a consumer will click through to a retailer option. When comparing different channel types, the MikMak Shopping Index showed that brand websites see the highest Purchase Intent Rate among Non-Alcoholic Drink shoppers, at 42.1 percent. Following brand websites is search at 15.7 percent. 

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Meanwhile, social, display, and video shows all show Purchase Intent Rates under 1 percent. While this may discourage brands from investing in these channels, it is important to invest in them as they see high traffic, which might be crucial to brand discovery and offline sales

However, brands that invest in their website and create shoppable options for consumers, may see success and sales from doing so. Partnering with MikMak and utilizing MikMak Commerce for Brand Websites provides the easiest implementation of omnichannel where-to-buy experiences, complete with customizable templates, filtering options, and a wide array of checkout options from the industry's biggest online and in-store retailer network.

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YouTube sees the highest Purchase Intent Rates for Non-Alcoholic Beverage Brands, compared to other social channels

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When we zero in on social channels, the MikMak Shopping Index revealed that YouTube drives the highest Purchase Intent Rates for Non-Alcoholic Drink brands at 3.4 percent.  Facebook follows at 2 percent. Instagram comes in third at 1.4 percent. Brands that pay attention to these channels might have an opportunity to reach consumers when they’re most likely to buy.

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Walmart is the preferred retailer of Non-Alcoholic Drink shoppers

Now that we know which channels shoppers are coming from, where are they checking out? The MikMak Shopping Index showed that Walmart sees the highest share of  Purchase Intent Clicks, or in-market traffic, from Non-Alcoholic Beverage shoppers at 48 percent, when compared to the top five Non-Alcoholic Beverage Retailers. 

MikMak’s recent Grocery Benchmarks and Insights Report also found that Walmart is the preferred retailer for all Grocery-related brands as well, driving the most Purchase Intent Clicks overall for the category.

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Following  Walmart is Amazon, driving 28.7 percent of Purchase Intent Clicks. Kroger comes in third, with 10.7 percent. Meanwhile, Target and Instacart round out the Top 5 retailers, driving 6.7 and 6 percent of Purchase Intent Clicks, respectively.

Increase Purchase Intent by implementing multi-retailer checkout options across channels

When advertising your Non-Alcoholic Beverage products, being easily accessible and shoppable across channels is crucial. MikMak partnered with a leading Beverage brand that expanded its shoppable media reach by using MikMak commerce on additional social channels.  

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This brand saw a 1.9x higher Purchase Intent Rate by expanding its campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. In turn, the brand can now leverage useful data from the MikMak dashboard to better target and plan future marketing initiatives. 

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