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Aveeno™ increased their Purchase Intent Rate from search by driving to MikMak Commerce experiences over their product detail pages.

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Improve Marketing Effectiveness
Aveeno 2022 UPDATE

Lift in Purchase Intent Rate when driving to MikMak compared to a PDP


Higher Purchase Intent Rate than the category benchmark for search


Aveeno™ was interested in understanding the effectiveness of driving traffic directly to their product detail page vs driving to a MikMak Commerce experience, so they set up four paid search campaigns for the same product(s), to test the results out side-by-side.


Show the value in driving to MikMak Commerce over navigating shoppers directly to a PDP.


Aveeno created parallel campaigns for two separate moisturizer products through Google Search. Each campaign had the exact same ad copy and keywords and featured a 50/50 split of linking to a PDP and MikMak Commerce. Aveeno ran the campaigns for 4-weeks then analyzed the results.

At the end of the 4-weeks, Aveeno saw that campaigns driving to MikMak had a 526% greater Purchase Intent Rate than those driving to the PDP. With 1 in 5 search ads resulting in shoppers clicking through to a retailer with purchase intent, the value of providing a multi-retailer omnichannel check-out option through MikMak was clear.


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