Give your consumers the power to choose where to shop online

Brands can choose from over 200 of MikMak’s supported retailers, ensuring your media is always Fair and Equitable

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Shop from over 200 online retail partners


Make all of your digital, social and influencer channels shoppable


MikMak is built for multichannel marketing and lives wherever your consumers are. Brands traffic our software everywhere: Social media, programmatic, paid search, email, you name it. In return, your reporting can finally be standardized across channels.

But that's just the beginning

MikMak can do a lot more than just where to buy


Pinpoint which influencer investments drive purchase intent


Increase and optimize your brand's performance on Amazon


MikMak Academy offers world class training for your entire marketing organization

This is not a one-size fits all approach

Selling beauty products is way different than selling groceries. MikMak’s Where To Buy technology includes high value features for all verticals. Inventory management, bundling, promotions, shade-color-size selector, internationalization and much more.



Target audiences most likely to buy


The more niche audiences are, the stronger conversion rates will be. MikMak collects and sends qualified shopper audiences directly to your CDP or Ad Manager. Brands can segment audiences, build look-alikes and remarket to them by retailer, product attributes and much more.

Give your online retail partners more reasons to promote you


With some of the best insights at your fingertips, strengthening your retailer relationships has never been easier

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