What Alcohol Brands Can Expect for the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LVIII


 What Alcohol Brands Can Expect for the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LVIII

While we’ve already shared our preliminary insights to help brands prepare for Super Bowl LVIII, a lot more is clear now. With the participating teams in the NFL playoffs now decided, brands can work to target marketing to cities that are most likely to buy.

It is estimated that Americans consume over 325 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday, and that’s just beer! How will people be drinking leading up to the game on February 11th? MikMak took a closer look.

Purchase Intent in the first week of January is low, but starting to increase steadily

To measure Alcohol eCommerce conversion, we took a look at Purchase Intent Rates so far in 2024. Purchase Intent Rate measures the percentage of shoppers who clicked through to at least one retailer from media.

PIR Jan24 (1)

At the beginning of the year, with Dry January and people experiencing a “holiday hangover”, it is no surprise that Purchase Intent Rates for Alcohol are lower than normal. However, in the past few days, the MikMak Shopping Index has shown that Purchase Intent Rates for Alcohol have begun to peak above five percent, assuming that people might start buying at semi-regular rates again, ahead of the first round of playoffs this weekend.

PIR Jan Feb

When looking at last year, Purchase Intent for Alcohol began to rise as soon as five days after the new year. With the regular NFL season concluding on January 8th last year, Purchase Intent Rates remained consistently high through the rest of the months, leading up to last year’s playoffs and Super Bowl.

Meta x Drizly is the channel x retailer mix for Alcohol right now 

PIR Alc Social (2)

Using insights from our recent, “New Year, New Me” guide, the MikMak Shopping Index revealed that Meta channels, Instagram, and Facebook currently lead compared to other social channels for Alcohol. Driving Purchase Intent Rates of 11.4 and 7.3 percent, respectively, investing in these channels could drive maximum opportunity for Alcohol brands.

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Alc Retailer

The guide also revealed that Drizly led in Share of Purchase Intent Clicks, or in-market traffic, driving 41.2 percent, compared to the other top five Alcohol retailers. Following Drizly was another quick commerce retailer, Instacart at 20.1 percent. 

With playoff and Super Bowl parties occurring over the next month, having last-mile delivery and quick commerce checkout options can help your chances with consumers making their last-minute purchases for the games.

Miami leads in Alcohol Purchase Intent ahead of the playoffs


When looking at the last 90 days, the MikMak Shopping Index shows an average Purchase Intent Rate for Alcohol is 5.6 percent. Of the participating cities in the playoffs, Miami is driving the highest Purchase Intent Rates for Alcohol at 7.7 percent (1.4x the average). Philidelphia follows with 7.1 percent (1.3x the average), and Cleveland is third at 6.7 percent (1.2x the average). Tampa, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore also have above average Purchase Intent Rates for Alcohol right now. 

Knowing what cities have the highest Purchase Intent Rates can help your brand stay in stock at the right places, and market effectively to areas that are most likely to buy. 

Assessing the data and targeting certain audiences can help your brand win for the Super Bowl, and all year long  

Watching how different cities, regions, age groups, and audiences are shopping for your brand can help you develop a marketing strategy that targets who is most likely to buy.

Spirits Brand CS

A leading spirits brand implemented this method by using MikMak Audiences and saw a 34 percent increase in Purchase Intent Clicks and a 48 percent increase in their overall Purchase Intent Rate. Further, these MikMak-powered audiences drove 64 percent of the brand’s Purchase Intent. 

To learn more about how MikMak can help accelerate your Alcohol sales for the Super Bowl and beyond, schedule a demo today!

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