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Understand where consumers want to shop online

Consumers tell you directly which retailers they prefer to shop with MikMak. This is first-party data tied directly to your real-time paid, organic, influencer media. Brands can view retailer preference data by platform, channel, creative and by SKU.


Remove opinions from decision-making

MikMak standardizes brands reporting across all digital, social, influencer and online retail channels. Benchmark your performance against the thousands of SKUs and millions of impressions MikMak has served.


Strengthen online retailer relationships

Make smarter inventory decisions by leveraging MikMak's eCommerce analytics to identify which retailers at which locations drive the highest demand for your products by individual SKU.


Identify which influencers are actually driving consumers down the funnel

Investing in influencer marketing doesn’t have to be a gamble.  With MikMak, brands can pinpoint which influencers are driving the highest purchase intent for your brand by retailer and platform, so you can build long-term relationships with the best performing influencers.


Get smarter with shopper audiences

The more niche your audiences are, the stronger your conversion rates will be. MikMak collects and sends qualified shopper audiences directly to your CDP or Ad Manager. Brands can segment audiences, build look-alikes and remarket to them by retailer, product attributes and much more.  


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