Gain a richer understanding of your current and future consumers

How do brands enhance first-party insights and uncover new audience segments in an ever-evolving data privacy landscape? 

MikMak’s Shopper Intelligence matches your shoppers captured through first-party eCommerce data to 1000+ of demographic and psychographic data points, and can be segmented by product, retailer, and more.


Unprecedented visibility into new conversion opportunities

Powered in part by an industry-exclusive partnership with LiveRamp, MikMak Shopper Intelligence combines the robust first-party data collected at the point of purchase in MikMak Commerce with consumer demographic and psychographic data at scale. These robust omnichannel insights are based on actual shopper behavior and help brands:

  • Identify new high-performing segments not currently being targeted by marketing initiatives
  • Build new shopper personas based on people actually purchasing your products
  • Discover new partnership and co-marketing opportunities based on shopper interests


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The “cookieless internet” is coming, and we’re here to help

Starting 2022, all major browsers will begin to block third-party cookies and other tracking tools like IDFA and pixels used in targeting and measurement. Shopper Intelligence future proofs your eCommerce strategy by:

  • Deepening your consumer insights by accessing millions more shoppers to enrich your existing data set at an unprecedented scale
  • Providing a “North Star” data set consistent across retailers to sanity check other consumer data sources for accuracy
  • Unlocking new market opportunities and consumer segments by strategically combining first-party eCommerce data with demographic and psychographic informations

Build reports within the MikMak Insights Dashboard with: 

    • Up to 1,000 specific demographic and psychographic data points on your brand’s shoppers
    • Filtering capabilities based on demographics, household variables, home & real estate dimensions, lifestyle details, hobbies & interests, and more
    • 20M+ unique shoppers matched across the MikMak Shopping Index
    • Insight into the common characteristics of shoppers by product and retailer preference
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