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marketing teams

“Get closer to people while being physically apart” - Marketing Roundtable

Last Thursday, Rachel Tipograph (Founder & CEO of MikMak) and Anda Gansca (CEO of Knotch) hosted their second round of their “Marketing Roundtable Series." This week, the panelists spoke more in...

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“It is important to have a presence right now” - Marketing Roundtable

Prior to COVID-19, millions of dollars went into face to face meetings and in person attendance at trade shows and expos. Now, with conferences and events delayed and canceled, everything has gone...

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customer experience

Are Marketing Silos Creating a Poor Customer Experience? Here's How to Fix It

Marketing silos can spring up easily within your organization if you aren’t careful and being cognizant of visibility and good communication within your internal teams. Oftentimes (especially inside...

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