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How to Engage Pet Owners with Your eCommerce Strategy

According to the American Pet Products Association, 70 percent of U.S. households own pets—adding up to 90.5 million homes. With pet owners making up such a large portion of the market, brands...

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What End-of-Year Insights Say About the State of Consumers in 2023

End-of-year shopping data is streaming in, and it’s already revealing clues about how consumers may buy in the upcoming year. 

That’s what Rachel Tipograph, CEO and Founder of MikMak, and Matt...

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4 eCommerce Marketing Tips to Strengthen Your Brands in the Cold & Flu Season

The CDC estimates that influenza was associated with 9 million illnesses in 2021-2022. Now, as flu and cold season is in full swing, consumers are on the lookout for Health and Wellness products....

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Insights Reveal How to Use eCommerce Data to Accelerate Brand Strategy for 2023

As consumers submerge themselves in the digital world, eCommerce data is flooding into brand marketers’ offices, and first-party data is becoming more and more powerful. 

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Marketing Insights and Tips for Reaching Health-Conscious Grocery Shoppers

Healthy options are more widely available at major grocery stores than they once were. And it’s easy to see why; a Research and Markets Report estimates the global health and wellness foods market...

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