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How Would These 3 Super Bowl Commercials Work for eCommerce?

For sports fans, the Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events of the year. With 100 million people watching the game, it’s also one of the most exciting nights in the world of advertising....

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What's in Your Basket?: Why eGrocery is Becoming Sephora's Competitor

Believe it or not, health, beauty, and wellness products are the second-most purchased category when people shop for groceries online. It turns out that after consumers are done adding avocados and...

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iOS 14 and the Importance of Third-Party Measurement for Brands

iOS 14 is here. As part of the release, Apple is introducing changes that will impact how platforms receive and process information from tools like the Facebook pixel. While this may have varying...

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Paid Search Basics for eCommerce Marketers: Getting the Most Out of Google Ads

In the age of fast networks, ubiquitous connectivity, and mobile devices, eCommerce marketers can leverage powerful solutions to target the precise type of customers they’re looking to sell to—all...

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shopper marketing

The Importance of Comfort Brands During Lockdown

Despite the fact that vaccines have been released, the pandemic isn’t over. In fact, 2021 is starting with some of the highest numbers we’ve seen in the United States since the virus made landfall...

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