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Paid Search Basics for eCommerce Marketers: Getting the Most Out of Google Ads

In the age of fast networks, ubiquitous connectivity, and mobile devices, eCommerce marketers can leverage powerful solutions to target the precise type of customers they’re looking to sell to—all...

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The Importance of Comfort Brands During Lockdown

Despite the fact that vaccines have been released, the pandemic isn’t over. In fact, 2021 is starting with some of the highest numbers we’ve seen in the United States since the virus made landfall...

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Hershey's Doug Straton on Playing Offense to Win in eCommerce

When you order chocolate online, so much goes on behind the scenes for you to get what you purchase. In this episode of BRAVE COMMERCE, hosts Rachel Tipograph (Founder & CEO of MikMak) and Sarah...

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Paid Search Basics for eCommerce Marketers: Everything You Need to Know About Display Ads

If you’ve navigated the internet recently without using an ad blocker, chances are you’ve seen many advertisements on the digital real estate that surrounds the content you’re consuming. 

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What Dates Brands Should Launch Paid Media to Drive Online Alcohol Sales

If you’re planning alcohol campaigns around specific events—whether it’s the Super Bowl, the election, or New Year’s—you need to know that different types of alcohol sell better during different...

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